Our Products


Power Bond
Only the PBRA has Power Bond, a proprietary bonding agent. Power Bond molecularly bonds the old and new surface together, ensuring quality and durability as well as eliminating the need for dangerous and toxic etching acids often used by other refinishers. Franchises or some suppliers may claim to use materials similar to power bond but they’re not as good as time tested Power Bond. Power Bond works on all surfaces even composites such as Formica, Cultured Marble and Fiberglass.

Power Clean Cleaning Solution
A one step Proprietary cleaner that does it all. The PBRA developed this cleaner to be safe, eliminating dangerous levels of acid, but strong enough for a deep delaminating cleaning that removes, rust, lime, scale from hard water, soap build up, body oils, basically all surface contaminates without expending too much time and energy. Power Clean safely achieves the proper surface profile needed for our proprietary Power Bond Bonding Agent to work properly.


Superior Finish
Our Products have been developed by refinishers for refinishers. We do not require a member to use our products or recommended topcoats, but if you want to achieve the best looking, longest lasting finish, test some for yourself and see why all of our members eventually make the switch.
It’s not enough if your refinished products to just LOOK new again, it also must FEEL like new again. Our Products actually make your refinished product look and feel better than new without the extra time and expense of buffing. A top quality product is designed to have the solids in the product settle and a rich clear layer rise to the top making cleaning and maintenance a snap.


Superior Craftsmanship
Even with the best materials, no product will adhere or stand the test of time if the surface is poorly prepared or improper procedures are used.  Switching to PBRA developed and extensively tested products will help you to become the best craftsman in your area. Buying a franchise will not instantly turn you into an experienced refinisher, neither does a three day weekend training course.  The information provided within our forum will help to prevent mistakes before they happen or help you learn to ensure that you don’t make those same mistakes over and over again. Training classes are available if you are just starting out or would like to refine your technique. 


Each PBRA member takes every restoration project serious to a point where we know that no matter how much money you could pay that still can’t replace the years of hands on experience necessary to assume the title of becoming PBRA Certified.


Ask yourself this question. If you needed to restore the Sistine Chapel or a Classic Antique would you hire a person who read a book on the subject, watched a video, attended a weekend class or maybe even spent $65,000 on a 10 day franchise class   where the ultimate goal is selling franchises? The PBRA does not sell franchises nor can it magically insert 60 months of on the job training into a person or business. PBRA refinishers are inspired by challenges and appreciate the smile on a customer’s face as their initial reward of a job well done then expect a reasonable fee for their efforts.  We don’t require Continuing education from our members they demand it.