Noreac is an immersion service (under water rated) tie coat no reaction primer. With Methylene chloride strippers mostly removed from the markets refinishers are finding it necessary to spray over existing coatings. When spraying over existing paints or coatings, there is a good chance that the new primer or topcoat will cause the existing coating to have some type of negative reaction. Bubbling,lifting,curling,crinkling,or blushing can be avoided by using Noreac Primer.

Many refinishers will turn to kilz or some other type of single part primer to stop these negative reactions. These type of primers may get the job done temporarily but it's important to point out that type of primer will fail quickly due to the fact they were never engineered or formulated for splash zones or areas that are subject to everyday water exposure.

NOREAC TIE COAT primer is rated for immersion service. It's been formulated to work below the waterline. Noreac is single part system. No Part B is required. Simply pour into your cup, thin and spray a few light coats ensuring you have created a "no reaction barrier".

If you are using a smaller 2-3 stage turbine thinning will be necessary.  Naphtha is the only thinner that can be used with Noreac.

It's imparitve the existing surface be sound and completely bonded. Whether to tie to an existing coating or not is judgement call made in the field by experinced technitions. Noreac can be rolled or sprayed.

  • Use Noreac primer on:
  • Fiberglass
  • Cultered Marble
  • Acrylic
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Previously Painted Porcelain or Cermic Tile
  • Wood
  • Swimming Pools

Download Detailed Noreac Application Instructions

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