No Slipping Bath Tub Treatment

  • Eliminate messy bath mats
  • Long lasting slip and fall protection in bathtubs and showers


Protect your love ones and guest

  • No slipping slip resistant surface treatment
  • The solutions to the problem of slip/fall injuries in bathtubs and showers


Slips and falls on wet surface are a major problem for all types of commercial establishments and residences. No Slipping slip resistant bathtub products help solve these costly problems. It is an invisible chemical treatment that helps prevent slipping for years with only one application. No Slipping Slip Resistant bathtub application has been thoroughly proven in actual use on tens of thousands of tubs in hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities and residence.


Why use this treatment?

Insurance statistics and costs reflect that an appalling 25,000 slip/fall accidents happened in the Unite d States daily! This is second only to automobile accidents as a cause of bodily injuries. Almost 200,000 people are treated in hospital each year because of injuries caused by slipping and fall in bathtubs and showers. Millions of dollars are awarded in court cases due to slip/fall injuries. Almost a billion dollars in expenses are incurred each year because of these accidents.


Traction Treatment can help prevent these injuries by improving the Accepted Industry Standards for what is referred to as the Coefficient of Friction. When used on tile, porcelain, concrete, marble, brick or other hard mineral surface, Traction Treatment actually makes them safer wet, than when dry!


Traction Treatment:

  • Perfect for use indoor or outside and in all kinds environmental conditions
  • Is a neat, clean safe process
  • Is very cost effective
  • Require a minimum application time and no curing time
  • Surface can be used immediately after treatment

Recommended for use in:

  • homes, hotels, nursing homes, schools and other
    institutions, medical facilities
  • restaurants and cafeterias
  • manufacturing plants
  • retail stores
  • Laundromats
  • any walking surface

For use on any:

  • tile floor
  • bathtub and shower
  • pool area
  • stairway
  • smooth concrete, hard mineral surface


PBRA  Slip Resistant Surface (SRS) Care Can Help Maintain A Safe Surface For You

Permanent Safety Bathmat

The American Safety bathmat is the best way to provide bathtub safety and decor. This is non-porous, specially processed.


Permanent Safety Bathmat has a slip-resistance rating nine times greater than the national standards. It will not wear, stain, mold, mildew, discolor, or peel up - Guaranteed.
The American Safety Bathmat adheres to clean, dry surface and can be used immediately after installation.

Its Easy To Install

  • Measure the tub area to be covered and pick the size that best fits your needs.
  • Clean, then dry tub surface. Gently peel back one inch of the paper backing along the back edge of the mat being careful not to touch adhesive.
  • Position the mat and press edge into place.
  • Reach under the mat and peel the paper backing off slowly while you continue to press the mat into place.


To comply with ASTM regulation F-462-79, be sure the size is not more than 1 1/2" away from the sides of your tub and drain.

  • Guaranteed for 1 full year not to mold, discolor or peel up
  • Slip-resistance rating of nine times the national standard to comply with ASTM Regulations
  • Completely covers Damaged or worn tubs



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