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Red Refinished Bathtub

Claw foot tubs and old pedestal sinks are more common in older homes. The products used in creating claw foot tubs are not commonly used anymore but are the most durable materials ever created for the bathroom. “They do not make them like they used to.” In many situations, these tubs and sinks have been passed down from generation to generation. They can be family heirlooms and/or have sentimental value to them.


Refinishing your clawfoot tubs or pedestal sink can restore the look the tub and provide a custom and unique looks to your bathroom. In many bathroom remodels, some customers are seeking a look that a standard tub cannot help to achieve. Clawfoot tubs  and antique sinks give a more traditional look and feel from a bathroom remodel. This is why claw foots can been found for sell in the thousands. Also now that they are rarely manufactured, they have increased value through the centuries!
Most clawfoot tubs and pedestal sinks have been painted several times before. We will remove any existing paint necessary to prep for your new finish. The PBRA has expert clawfoot refinishing technicians that will restore your clawfoot tub or pedestal sink with an extremely durable gloss finish. Keep your clawfoot tub for another lifetime.

Let us reglaze your clawfoot with a custom color! We get many requests for custom colors for the outside of clawfoot tubs in which customers are matching their vanities, toilets and other bathroom accessories. We can also do exterior clawfoot bathtubs in stone finishes and solid colors. The choices are endless. We have dozens of standard colors to choose from. You can take it one step further if you do not find the exact color that you desire from our color charts by providing a color swatch from your local paint retailer. We will provide a color match. Call us for more details! See our Tub Gallery for inspiration for your reglazing project!


Claw foot Claw foot


Claw foot Claw foot


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