Cultured Marble Refinishing


AirlineCulturedAfter smallCultured Marble Refinishing is a process allows you to completely update any cultured marble surface or recondition the existing worn surface to a like new finish utilizing a special process at a fraction of the price of traditional replacement.

PBRA members can make your existing cultured marble surfaces look and feel brand new in either a solid or stone color.


The same process can also be used  sinks, tiles, antique claw foot bathtubs. Just about any hard surface can be made to look new again. Our products are specifically designed for refinishing. 


The key to a long lasting surface is preparation. PBRA members take the time to properly prepare the surface to be refinished, using only the best quality products.  There are many options available to you the consumer.  However, be aware that imitation do-it-yourself kits and refinishers who offer a super low prices are because important preparation steps are skipped and cheap products are being used.


PBRA members take pride in the services they offer and with proper care and maintenance stand behind their products 100%. The refinishing process generally takes between four to five hours. The surface is ready for use the same or next day.


Cultured Marble Refinishing



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