Porcelain Patch and Glaze since 1938!

"Here at Porcelain Patch & Glaze all of our technicians have benefited greatly from our PBRA membership. The collective knowledge of the PBRA members has brought us new ideas for services and innovative products. Most importantly, since becoming a PBRA member our customers have seen improved quality and performance from our reglazing services. We feel that our membership in the organization brings us a huge competitive advantage over all of the other franchised and/or independent reglazers in our region."


Our goal at Porcelain Patch & Glaze Corporation of America is to provide customers with the most reliable electrostatic refinishing and porcelain reglazing services at competitive prices in Boston. We handle single tubs to projects as large as 1800 tubs. We do work at Marthas Vineyard and have a 50 Year Family Reputation.


We shall apply only the highest quality, technically advanced, and environmentally friendly coatings available. We shall employ workmanship and application methods that exceed the industry standard. Our customers shall be satisfied without exception. We shall devote our best effort toward conducting an expanding operation within which will prevail an atmosphere of harmony and an opportunity for all employees to advance their careers.


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The PBRA has been an absolute blessing to the business my wife and I started. The knowledge and experience base inherent in its members is larger and more refined than any I've run across in practically any field. When you choose to use a PBRA member to complete your requested work, you will be guaranteed only the highest quality with the best pricing in the business. If you want a job done the best possible way the absolute first time around, you should always look to a member of this association.


Nathan & Jessica Oettinger

The Painted Otter Refinishers





What can I say but I would NOT be in business if it was not for the PBRA. I have taken 3 weekend courses, bought 1 video teaching set and a manual. I am a Licensed Master Plumber so it's not that I am not good with my hands but you CAN NOT learn bathtub refinishing in 1 weekend. There are just too many variables. Variables cost money, time and the worse of all customers. Mess up 1 job and 35 people or more will hear about it. Sure anyone can provide bad service but that's not what I wanted.


Before I joined the PBRA I could spray a decent bathtub refinish job but hey I don't want the car mechanic doing a decent brake job on my wife's car, so I did not want to put out a decent service either.


I have learned from the best in the business and have not run into a problem that could not be solved by my PBRA brothers since I have been a member for the last 2 years.


I just got by for over 4 years in the business until I joined the PBRA and now my business is growing steadily and I know when I walk into someone's home they are getting a Professional. Just Like I would want In My Home!!!


I have also developed friendships in the PBRA which was just an added bonus that was not expected in the membership cost. There is no organization with the refinishing knowledge the PBRA has anywhere in the world.


My membership in the PBRA has been a blessing in my life.


Ray Lopez
Gotham City Reglazing





Denver Colorado

BBB Member, Denver Chamber of Commerce, Master Plumber New York City, Master Plumber Denver Colorado, Certified Citizens aging in place.


PBRA not just a Refinishing Organization but a Brotherhood of Refinishers!!


In my 11 years or being a refinisher I have always wanted to be the best and use the best materials available. By being a PBRA member I have achieved just that. With literally hundreds of years of knowledge combined we are truly a group of elite refinishers that I am proud to be part of. We also, by sharing knowledge, know just what products to use and more importantly what not to use. The products developed by the PBRA and in the hands of a PBRA member truly provide the best refinished surfaces in the entire industry. The best business decision I have ever made was applying and being accepted by the PBRA.


Jim Le Mieux Resurface Pros




My name is Mike Maddocks owner of the Tub Doctor in Salt Lake City, Utah. After working for another refinishing company for many years, I was let go due to economic downturn. Distraught on what to do I stumbled upon the PBRA. With the combined experience of other refinishers throughout the country, I've learned things that have helped my business be profitable in a recession. Awesome thanks again. Look for the TUB DOCTOR promotional billboard.


Mike Maddocks





I am in the middle of my second month as a proud PBRA member. I am experiencing some new success myself as a refinisher in Charlotte, NC. I know the source that is responsible for my upswing and that is my newly found brotherhood here at Refinishers Online. I haven't changed my marketing drastically as of yet but I can honestly say I have always been a meticulous refinishing technician. The difference of then vs. now is I know I am now using vigorously tested 'top of the line' finishes, bonding agents and far superior techniques that have been developed "by refinishers for refinishers". Many of our members experience different levels of success but we don't judge in that manner and each and every member is just as much a brother as the other, no matter what his level of success is and that is truly what makes us "the elite of the elite" and I am thankful to be an associate.


Chris Gunn





I was the very first Member of the PBRA almost 10 years ago. I have worked in Spain and other places in Europe and the United States. I will leading the European PBRA division. I have seen many refinishing techniques and trying to not be biased I can tell you that our UV and other refinishing systems developed by all our members have to be one of the best if not the best. We have so much to share with each other that our data base swells to a point where we must cull some of the data to keep being able to manage it. I know my partner wants to offer a prize to honor the 20,000 Post but the truth is we have already done that once. It will be fun and the best part is we all just have to act normal. No need to put up a prize to hit that mark. There is so much to share and learn we have no choice to meet and exceed that mark. Since we are dealers for many products I second the motion to for the giveaway. Can't wait for next month. Refinishers out there keep track of this site, we intend to surprise you and make your life much easier. Thanks Again


AL Perez
Global Refinishing PBRA Founding Member.





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